Viral Client Acquisition using:

“Attention -> Reward” Marketing

Interactive quizzes designed to reward players with premium
4-star and 5-star vacations.

Sponsors gain focused attention on product and service offers.

Sponsors gain new clients from the incentivised viral sharing of the Quiz.

How Do We Accomplish This?

We work with the world’s fastest growing online travel company and use our own product “AI PersonChat” to enable sponsor companies like yourselves to offer premium
4-star and 5-star vacations. As you probably know, all hotels and resorts have some vacant rooms most of the time. We collaborate with the highest quality ones and assist them to fill these vacant rooms. This partnership allows the hotels and resorts to generate additional revenue from services such as their in-house restaurants, bar, casino, room service, spa, or even extended stays.

At no time are quiz players obligated to use any of these services and facilities, however, they are convenient and first class quality. We ONLY offer 4-star and 5-star vacations.

The hotels and resorts also hope the players will visit again or extend their stay and refer friends. So it’s much better for the resorts than leaving the rooms empty.

Other high value offers can be made available by yourselves or sponsors. Our rules for the gifts are: the offer must have a value of over $500, with no obligation to buy anything.

So you, the sponsor, are able to give away fantastic premium holidays or other valuable gifts at no cost to yourselves, in exchange for gaining focused attention on your offer. Works best with irresistable offers that shine out to the players as they view the information looking for answers.

When you view the example Quiz, you’ll see that players are highly incentivised to share the quiz with others on social media. This viral effect brings in new customers for you. It is the sponsors choice as to how much to offer as a monthly special bonus.

We provide the platform and work with you to craft the best quiz. You send out the quiz link to contacts getting new ones back with the viral effect.

Great way to re-vitalise old accounts with an offer, reward current clients, and entice cold leads.

We support sustainable tourism.

Normally, you need an invite.

But, here is an example Master Quiz.

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