High Value Give Aways

Interactive quizzes designed to reward players with premium
4-star and 5-star vacations.

And other high value offers.

While sharing the benefits of products and services from our sponsors.

How Do We Accomplish This?

We work with the Quiz sponsor company and the world’s fastest growing online travel company to bring you this amazing offer. All hotels and resorts have some vacant rooms most of the time. We collaborate with the highest quality ones and assist in filling these vacant rooms. This partnership allows the hotels and resorts to generate additional revenue from services such as their in-house restaurants, bar, casino, room service, spa, or even extended stays.

At no time are you obligated to use any of these services and facilities, however, they are convenient and first class quality. It’s your choice.

The hotels and resorts also hope that you will visit again and refer friends. So it’s much better than them leaving the rooms empty.

Other high value offers are made available by sponsors. Our rules are: the offer must have a value of over $500, with no obligation to buy anything.

The Quiz is focused on a product or service that the sponser is offering, usually at especially attractive terms. You have no obligation to purchase or sign up for anything. The choice is yours. The sponsor may follow up at a later point, you can always unsubscribe at any time.

So you, the player, get a fantastic premium holiday or other valuable gift for simply playing the quiz. The quiz focuses on the sponsors product or service, so you are in fact trading a little bit of your attention in exchange for a fabulous reward.

In Return, we ask:

That you share QuizMaster.Pro with your friends and social contacts.
If you like, you can take a photo or video of your Vacation Certificate and share it on social media with a link to the Quiz that you took. That way, you’ll be a hero for sharing the opportunity with others, plus get a chance to win some big spending money, provided by the sponsor.

We support sustainable tourism.

Normally, you need an invite.

But, here is one of the secret links, just to get you going.

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(which you can share only with business owners)